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About Founder

Dr. D.G. Bocquee, D Hom (SA) HMD (USA)

Born in Mauritius I became acquainted very early in life with herbal medicine. The Island of Mauritius has a population made up of French, Indian, African and Chinese, all of whom brought in their traditional cures. I developed a passion for the sick having been the sickest of six children. It is a homeopathic principle to want to help someone who has the same suffering as yourself. Homoeo is Greek for 'similar' and pathos for 'suffering' hence homeopathy. It is therefore natural that curing like with like be so acceptable worldwide.

Once I discovered to powerful results that can be achieved through the dynamized micro dose of homeopathic medicine there was no turning back. After graduating as a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine in South Africa I came to Australia where I established the Homeopathic College of Australia(HCA) and the Homeopathic Society of Australia. Two years later I established the Homeopathic Supply and Research Laboratory of Australia, now operating under the abbreviation HomLab. Some 103 homeopaths have graduated from the HCA, many of whom have successful practices.

In so far as my clinical experience is concerned I have had the privilege to be exposed to many diverse situations, some of which may sound funny when looking back. I had this neighbour who one morning came up the back stairs, pale and extremely worried. He said I can die any moment and informed me that this is what his doctor said after his blood test showed a very low platelet count, saying you could bleed to death with such a low count. No help was offered so it is no wonder that he was in a panic. I had had some previous experience with this so I reassured him and later that day gave him some medicine. A month later he was so happy to show me the blood test which showed a raised platelet count.

I have many such cases and will be posting them on the clinic website for those who need more evidence of the magic of the minimum dose as one doctor put it.