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How does Homeopathic pharmacy differ from conventional pharmacy?

Even so homeopathic pharmacy is reputed to use herbs and other plant material it is not like herbal pharmacy which is more like conventional pharmacy. Conventional pharmacy uses herbal material for the preparation of such medicines as cough syrups, expectorants etc. Herbal pharmacy uses exclusively herbal material. By herbal is meant the leaves, seeds, roots, bark etc.

Homeopathic pharmacy uses any material from what it calls the vegetable kingdom, the mineral kingdom or the animal kingdom. Animal here refers to venom, saliva, hair, etc. Mineral refers to chemicals such as charcoal, sulphur, iron, pumice stone, etc

A homeopathic medicine is made from a small amount of the substance to be potentized or triturated. Usually 1% and this gives the first potency e.g. Sulphur 1C. The C represents Centesimal. Sometimes you might see CH instead. The H represents Hahnemann and is referred to as Centesimal Hahnemanian after his method of potentization. So, Homeopathic medicines are standard throughout the world, as long as you buy it from a pharmacy that has a good reputation. At Homlab we ensure our source is reliable. Homeopathic manufacturers generally hold a license. Our dispensary ensures purity of what we dispense. Contamination is possible but avoidable. Our CEO Gerard Bocquee, with his experience as an analyst ensures quality control.

Are X ray screenings at airport terminals detrimental to Homeopathic medicines?

There does not seem to be any evidence for such claims. Travelers will testify to that. Patients who have purchased their remedies from us at Homlab Homeopathic pharmacy often tell us how they were helped by our remedies while overseas. This is reassuring indeed as our patients travelling overseas would over wise have to resort to conventional drugs. We at Homlab Homeopathic pharmacy encourage patients who travel overseas to report any such incidents to us. If however you require that your medicines not have to go through the X ray screening we are happy to provide you with a letter. Airport personnel generally comply with such requests.

Pills or drops-what's the difference?

Homlab Homeopathic remedies come in both pillules and in liquid containing no more than 22% alcohol. Pillules are easier to handle while travelling and the preferred choice of most travelers. In either case the remedies work regardless of whether they are in liquid or in pill form. Some people prefer not to have alcohol whilst others want to stay away from sugar. Please note that we do not use pillules made from lactose but from cane sugar. It has been said by some skeptics that homeopathic pills are only sugar pills. Indeed the pills are made from sugar and this is called a carrier. Homeopathic medicines are potentized in alcohol as it is more convenient and less time consuming. The sugar pills are then medicated with the Homeopathic potency in liquid and the alcohol is allowed to evaporate. So it is a matter of preference. When ordering your remedies from Homlab Homeopathic pharmacy you will need to specify your preference.

How long do the remedies keep?

Homlab Homeopathic medicines keep indefinitely. The shelf life of the medicine however may vary depending on the type of container. The rubber will perish before the medicine. So if you have medicine which you haven't used for a few years you might like to replace the dropper assembly with a new one. Storing the medicine in a dark cupboard will improve the shelf life of your medicine especially the pills. Keeping the lid tight will ensure the medicine does not evaporate. During summer storing the medicine in the fridge will also help.

How long do I take my medicine for?

Generally your homeopath will give you the guidelines. We at Homlab frequently receive enquiries from the public asking advice as to how long to take the medicine. Generally the medicine is taken for a month before you have to change to a new one in so far as long term conditions are concerned. This is termed chronic. Some people understand chronic to mean severe. This is not so, anything of a sudden onset is generally referred to as acute.

About detox

We hear a lot about detox; a word that has fast become an everyday word being equated with health. The environment has become the topic of the day to such an extent that the cause of disease is being put down to the environment almost exclusively by some people. This is not so.

Now the word Immune booster is fast replacing the word detox. It seems that apart from ones immune system and a good detox, there remains but one other thing-a balanced diet. This is not so.

Think about it this way: a few centuries ago there were very little or no chemicals as such to pollute our environment and food. People still got sick. Before fertilizers and pesticides found their way in the food chain the human race was afflicted with arthritis, migraine, kidney disease, eye problems, enlarged tonsils, gout, polycystic ovarian syndrome, to name but a few. This is not to say that environmental toxins are not taking their toll. One has to understand the process of disease as homeopathy explains it-namely the part played by our vital force, miasm, constitution and mineral deficiencies before one can appreciate the meaning of optimal health. Mineral deficiency is not only a function of diet and agricultural methods but also of genetic predisposition. Homeopathy is the only medicine that can address the predispositions or susceptibility that may be afflicting you.

What to do in emergency

Homlab Homeopathic clinic may be able to help you in case of emergency. Homeopathic first aid differs from conventional first aid in that Homeopathic medicines can be taken alongside any conventional procedure that is appropriate at the time. This is to be determined on a case to case basis. Safety is always the main aim. The issue of health or how natural medicine the treatment is does not take precedence over survival.

Homlab Homeopathic first aid is geared with the same aim in mind. It is impossible to give here a long list of procedures to follow. If you intend travelling for a holiday consult us so we may advise accordingly.

Going overseas is yet another matter as some people go mountain climbing while others go on a cruise. In the latter case you may need to take medication for seasickness. We advise that you consider the advice of the travel bureau before contacting us.

Homlab Homeopathic pharmacy can indeed provide a wide range of remedies for various situations. For example some people may be prone to fevers or sore throat while travelling whilst others may prefer to carry remedies against insect bites. Please remember that in all cases of emergency time is of the essence. Someone who is very allergic to bees for instance may need to carry a higher potency, for example. In some situations an external application may be more appropriate than oral medicines. These need to be discussed with one of our practitioners in attendance. Phone advice is limited to certain situations and does not replace a consultation. If you are given advice on the phone because of distance at the time please note that we are here to help and that such advice in no way constitute a guarantee.

Our experienced practitioners at Homlab Homeopathic clinic can only provide advice on the basis of information provided at the time. A few hours may make a difference so do not assume if you are not sure. It is far better to call an ambulance if you are not sure that take matters in your hands.

Here we give some instances of situations you may encounter:

Someone collapsing or passing out

Always consider conventional first aid but here are some possibilities to consider

  • Hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar. Here there will be a history unless the person is not known to you and cannot talk. Some people will carry something sweet on them and in any case there is no harm administering something sweet. Homeopathic medicines are not appropriate in such cases.
  • A person may also collapse if there is a sudden drop in their electrolytes. Only a blood test may reveal this so an ambulance must be considered. If the person is not known to have such a complaint an electrolyte drink may be appropriate. A person taking a diuretic for instance may have taken an overdose. Unless you have previous knowledge it will be sheer guess work. But here again pending the arrival of an ambulance there may be time enough to administer an electrolyte drink. Homeopathic medicines cannot help at the time but remember that Homeopathic medicines can be considered at a future date to correct the imbalance.
  • Fainting can be due to a number of causes, but consider emotional shock, sight of blood, a sudden fright etc. Apart from placing the person in the recovery position etc a drop or two of Arnica 200, Ignatia 200 or Gelsemium 200 may be administered.
Diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.

Apart from an obvious case of food poisoning here you may use the Homlab complex food poisoning relief drops regardless. In the absence of medical advice give the drops 1-4 hourly depending on severity and seek further advice if necessary. If the medicine has not given relief within 6-12 doses it may be that there is a different underlying condition.

Burns and scalds

Homlab Homeopathic burns lotion is a necessity in all first aid kits. Depending on the extent of the burn other procedures may have to be considered. In all cases the medicine can be added to water and applied at frequent intervals. The quantity is not that important but a 10% solution is adequate. Homlab Homeopathic burns complex has been found more effective than Aloe vera but in the absence of the above Aloe vera should be considered.

What can Homoeopathy do for Me?

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine similar to immunization, whereby a micro-dose of a substance is administered in order to create a response, causing the body to heal itself. The medicine being the catalyst. So, unless you have a condition which need surgery, or you have become dependent on some medication( eg insulin), or the condition you have has depleted you so much that you have very little recuperative power and therefore need medication to keep you going, your body is able to heal itself of most diseases. Homoeopathy can address malfunctions such as Gout, indigestion and thyroid problems, low immunity which result in infections, nervous disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, exam nerves, stage fright, emotional problems like depression or sadness, specific conditions such as coughs, allergies, rashes, headaches, back pain, toothache, to name but a few. The homoeopath asks a lot of questions.

Can I recover from grief?

When a trauma like grief hits us we feel like we will never recover. How can we ever live without the love one again. Hopelessness is dreadful. So, we are told that it will take time. Sure it will, but what can one do in the meantime? Is there any MEDICINE that can help? I know that years ago when I suffered a great loss I felt so distraught that I almost decided to take something like valium, anything under such circumstances. There are many Homoeopathic remedies for grief, and this was a great source of relief for me, not only the thought that Doctors who believed and practiced Homoeopathy, had written books about it, gave recommendations on what to prescribe, but also trying it myself. Now some 20 years later I can testify that not only I found relief from the remedies, but I don't suffer the nasty side effects that often plague some people years after an episode of grief.

For example, a tendency to WITHDRAW, not to want to talk or communicate with others, to think it's all worthless etc. We lose the joy of living and because we don't want to go through it again, we avoid getting involved and become what others describe as UNSOCIABLE.

I have treated hundreds of people over the years who had suffered some form of grief and the result are sometimes obvious, by looking at the change in their expression, their willingness to talk and especially by what they tell me themselves. All you have to do is ask someone who has been to a Homoeopath.

I give here some common, but not so obvious source of grief, not recognized or passed off by people and therapists alike:

  • Losing a pet, a toy, a school friend, a grand parent.
  • Moving house, school or country. Children of immigrants and prisoners.
  • After on operation. Loss of a leg, uterus, eye etc.
  • Loss of Employment, Finance, Car etc
  • Loss of a Court case: Divorce, Custody, Business, Repossession etc.
  • Loss of a Loved one: Broken relationships, Engagements, Marriage.
  • Missing Family members: Prisoners, Psychiatric hospitals, Job transfer, Army and Navy service.
  • Violence: Rape, Assault etc
  • Break and entry: Loss of personal possessions, furniture etc
  • Loss through fire, flood, accidents etc

This means all of us. Who can claim not to fit in at least one of these categories?

How do l know if l still suffer the effects of Grief?
  • If you dwell in the past
  • If you weep at sad thoughts
  • If you sigh frequently
  • If you have an unexplainable lump in your throat( Globus hystericus)
  • If you dream or cannot sleep.
  • If you want to go to sleep and never wake up
  • If your periods stopped suddenly without reason.
  • If you lost your hair, have indigestion, have blood pressure or any physical symptoms you can relate to a grief situation.
  • If you feel angry a long time after an episode of grief, eg divorce.
  • If you cannot cry when you feel sad.
  • If you cry talking about it.

What are the names of some of the medicines used in homoeopathy for Grief?

This is but a short list and a practitioner should be consulted first as he is trained to select the correct on for you and give the right dose:

  • Aurum metalicum
  • Causticum
  • Cocculus
  • Colocynthis
  • Gelsemium
  • Lachesis
  • Lycopodium
  • Mercurius
  • Natrum muriaticum
  • Nux vomica
  • Phosphoricum acidum
  • Platina
  • Pulsatilla
  • Staphisagria
  • Tarentula

Can you explain grief reaction to me?

Any symptoms that date back from an episode of grief can be classified as grief reaction. These are numerous and vary in intensity and frequency. Sighing is a frequent one. Grief can also affect vision, respiration, bowel movement, digestion, hearing etc. Grief usually causes people to withdraw and internalize. They lose interest in social activities and avoid communicating with friends. Any situation that may ressemble the past trauma may trigger a grief reaction. However, with Homoeopathic remedies these become less and less.

Can you give some examples of people who have benefited from homoeopathic treatment for trauma recovery?

Man 48 years old, ex prisoner of war, abused and tortured for many years, now suffering from nightmares, depression, anger and tiredness. The nightmares all relate to the mental trauma of the prison camp. This was affecting his family life and his relationship with his wife and children. After receiving medication for loss, disappointment and frustration he was able to enjoy better quality sleep. He then received medication for nightmares, depression and anger. He reported an improvement in his moods and is now much less irritable. This was in 1995. He now enjoys a normal life.

Girl 8 years old, not doing well at school, not sleeping well, restless sleep and frequent bed wetting. Very sensitive and cries a lot. A through investigation revealed that when she migrated to Australia at age 4 her pet dog had to be given away, leave alone leaving behind grand parents, friends and house. She had not recovered from the trauma and was administered remedies for homesickness, disappointment and sadness.

She recovered extremely well and is now free of all the above symptoms!