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Homeopathy Treatment

Homlab homeopathic pharmacy is in conjunction with Brisbane Homeopathic Clinic. Homlab homeopathic pharmacy is the one and only full-time Homeopathic pharmacy in Brisbane, Queensland.

Brisbane Homeopathy Clinic is an Integrative Health and Wellness Clinic and is the oldest Homeopathic Clinic in Brisbane and one of the oldest in Australia.

Homlab Homeopathy clinic was formerly known as the Auchenflower Homeopathic Clinic.

Dr Gerard Bocquee D Hom (South Africa), AROH (Australia, AAPH(Australia) is a qualified Homeopath registered to practice in Australia. He graduated from the Homeopathic Medical College of South Africa in 1978 receiving a degree of Doctor of Homeopathy.

Dr Gerard Bocquee is one of Brisbane's if not Australia's most experience and longest serving homeopath.

He has extensive knowledge and exceptional experience in the treatment of chronic and acute illnesses using homeopathy. With over 34 years experience he is acclaimed as Brisbane most experienced homeopath with an approach to treatment that has been described by patients as practical.

Dr Gerard Bocquee is a truly wholistic practitioner of the homeopathic art and science of healing the sick naturally, treating emotional, mental and physical complaints.

By combining the wisdom of homeopathy with modern medical approach he is able to provide professional healthcare to patients of all ages.

He is skilled in treating infants as well as the elderly. He makes himself available to visit his needy patients at home or in hospital

He also provides an excellent telephone and skype service to local and overseas patients.

His background in research overseas has provided him with an excellent platform to conduct his own research in some 300 common and rare complaints.

In order to achieve effective and long lasting results he prescribes constitutionally as well as clinically. In his recently published book on the origin of homeopathy he illustrates the principle of cure dating back to the book of Genesis, thus establishing the connection between homeopathy and the Bible.

Dr Gerard Bocquee is the founder of the Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths (AAPH) and has served on various committees for many years. His passion is not only treating the sick but also equipping people in the ways of staying healthy. He advocates the use of homeopathy regardless of the person's choice of treatment; Homeopathy being at the core of the essence of basic human health, having witnessed the many miraculous results that Homeopathic medicines can provide.

Dr Gerard Bocquee boasts of a family of three grown up boys who were raised exclusively on homeopathic medicine and today enjoy perfect health.