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Homlab First Aid Kit

There are a number of medicines that can be used, for personal use, for a variety of common ailments. Such combinations have been carefully selected and formulated by skilled and renowned homeopath, Dr. Gerard Bocquee, and dispensed, as first aid remedies, in a Kit. The remedies are in 30C (dilutions), for acute or sudden onset conditions.

With the help of Homlab First Aid Kit, you and your family can be ready for any acute and sudden health problem and/or emergencies. Whether you are at home, in a car or on holidays, we have made every effort to ensure that you are taken care of and are well catered for. The Homlab First Aid Kit consists of 17 conditional remedies, which are picked, tried and tested remedies during Dr. Bocquee’s 30 years of extensive and successful homeopathic practice. These remedies are very effective in controlling the disease symptoms as well as to speed up the recovery of any injuries and are conveniently available in liquid, pills and/or creams.

The Homlab First Aid Kit was inspired by the growing demand and contains 17 Complex medicines for everyday use. The Kit is portable and can easily be kept close at hand for the usage in the home.

Remedies in the kit are all 30C potency.

A fold out booklet is included to aid in the correct selection of remedies

Pack Size: 1 kit
Price: 120 AUD