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Homlab-Homeopathic Supply has conducted research in various illnesses over the years. Currently we are conducting a survey and research in the treatment of migraine. Those willing to participate are requested to write to the address below. Other research includes new formulations and treatments.

Dr Gerard Bocquee has developed a skill in formulation and has many specialized formula which are unique, such as Salicylin for salicylate allergy, Dysbiosin for leaky gut syndrome, Glutinin for gluten intolerance etc. Visit our section on special formulas for more details.

Dr Gerard Bocquee experience in the treatment of skin conditions led him to the discovery of a skin care range-Fleur Sauvage Health and Beauty Products. His research in skin preparations, generally referred to as moisturizing cream, led him to the concept that the skin is able to heal itself. All it needs is a little stimulation. For this purpose Fleur Sauvage Health and Beauty products were designed to do just that, employing of course the Homeopathic principle of cure. This makes Fleur Sauvage skin care products unique. Go to this section for more details.