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Skin Care

Fleur Sauvage Health and Beauty products

Fleur Sauvage is a 100% herbal skin care product; the safest choice regardless of your skin type. Fleur Sauvage face cream is a day and night cream, toning, softening, nourishing and rejuvenating. The generous herbal content gives the cream a deep rich colour with a light fragrance. Whole leaf Aloe vera adds excellent moisturizing quality, and because it is non-greasy it absorbs well. It is not tested on animals and is environmentally safe, bio-degradable with no synthetic colouring or preservative.

Fleur Sauvage is a unique concept in skin care and is the discovery of Homeopath Dr Gerard Bocquee. It is no secret that your skin has a natural ability to restore itself. It has been homeopathically designed to stimulate the rejuvenating quality of your skin.

Fleur Sauvage will be a delight to your skin because it does not just add natural ingredients to your skin; it also promotes natural re-growth and regains its youthfulness.

Only ingredients that have been demonstrated in clinical practice to be of benefit to the skin have been used in the formulation. This is the confidence we have in our skin care range.

Fleur Sauvage Body Lotion

Fleur Sauvage Body Lotion is 100% Herbal, Chemical Free -Your safest choice. Enriched with Carrot Oil, Avocado Oil, Whole-leaf Aloe vera, Paw-paw, Spring water and Eight herbs including Witch hazel and Marigold.

Fleur Sauvage Body Lotion is formulated by a homoeopath with over 34 years experience in the treatment of skin complaints using exclusively homoeopathic and herbal remedies.

Fleur Sauvage is guaranteed to contain the choicest herbs especially selected to offer real results.

We have formulated our body lotion in the belief that skin deterioration is more health dependant than age related.

Skin supplements that moisturize the skin and add oils are beneficial to your skin, but any active ingredient that modifies the function of your skin will in fact speed up the ageing process. Fleur Sauvage on other hand uses ingredients that stimulate skin function to help your skin regain and retain its health.

Your skin is a precious gift and deserves all the protection it can get. Fleur Sauvage is not a vanity product it is rather an essential, fundamental part of the health of your skin.

Expect and experience the joy of healthy skin and a radiant complexion.

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